Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Kelvin Sampson fallout - Top Tier recruits may become available again!

Kelvin Sampson had a solid class of recruits going to Oklahoma in 2006. Solid class. One of the main reasons they went there was to play under Kelvin Sampson. But Kelvin Sampson is bolting out for Indiana. This means the recruits may reconsider their choices. Four of them are considered Top 100 recruits! Wow!

Oklahoma had the fifth best class in 2006 according to the latest ranking at Scout.com

The 2006 recruits for Oklahoma are:

  • Touted Point guard Scottie Reynolds from Virginia. Other teams he considered: UConn, Maryland, Michigan, NC State, UConn, Gtown, Wake

  • Touted forward Damion James from the state of Texas. Other teams he considered: Arizona, Baylor, Texas A&M, Texas, Kansas, Kentucky, NC, Syr, Florida

  • Touted forward Keith Clark from the state of Oklahoma. Other teams he considered: Charlotte, Okl State, Maryland

  • Big man Jeremy Mayfield from the state of Texas. Other teams he considered: Florida, Texas A&M, South Florida and Texas. He signed with Nevada for 2005 but did not make it academically.

  • Guard Tony Crocker frmo the state of Texas. A 2005 Oklahoma signee, hiding in prep school this year. He also considered Colorada State, and the MVC (Creighton, Wichita State and Mizzoura State)

  • Verbal from Adron Terrell, also from the state of Texas, but he is going in with a football scholarship, so he may not be affected by the Kelvin Sampson departure.

    More details can be found at http://interact.cstv.com/recruiting, and at scout.com

    If any of these players decide not to go to Oklahoma, the universities from the state of Texas should probably have the upper hand. Other universities from the west and southwest might also be able to get one of these.

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    Monday, March 27, 2006

    Catching up with the latest recruiting news

  • USC picked up a winning point guard for 2006. Artesia may have not been the biggest name among SoCal schools, but they were the winningest this season. Their level-headed point-guard with a tradition of winning sounds like a good addition to Tim Floyd's roster. The fact that they are also getting 2008 Malik Story from the same program definately helps/helped.
  • Quite a few other news but nothing groundbreaking. The usual decommits and transfers based on coaching changes and playing time...

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    UCLA is recruiting a #42 !

    Ben Howland revealed this during the NCAA press conferences. He asked permission from one of the UCLA greats to reactivate his number, because one of their potential recruits is wearing #42. But I'm too lazy to look into which one of the potential UCLA recruits is wearing #42...

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    Sunday, March 26, 2006

    Thanks to BracketBoard.com

    Thanks to the Bracketboard for linking to this blog!

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    Monday, March 20, 2006

    The all star games are almost here

    The big all star games for recruits are almost here.

  • McDonalds All American game: Wedn March 29, 7pm pacific on ESPN2
    http://www.mcdonaldsallamerican.com/ - annoying Flash frontpage

  • Nike Hoop Summit: 3pm Central (Memphis, TN) April 8 on FSN/FCS
    Highly touted recruits such as Kevin Durant, Brandan Wright, Thaddeus Young, Ty Lawson, Hawes, and many more will participate.

  • Roundball classic, Sunday April 9 in Chicago, will be shown tape-delayed on CSTV.
    Features Greg Oden and the rest of the Ohio State super recruits.

  • Jordan Classic: Saturday April 22, on ESPN2 and ESPNU.

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    Friday, March 03, 2006

    Recruiting on TV

    If you are a fan of recruiting check out these shows on TV:

  • Weekly show on CSTV: "Seth Davis Next Generation". Seth Davis hosts, with noteable guests such as Dave Telep, Tom Kolchawoski, Sony Vaccaro, Clark Francis, and many more
  • Weekly show on FSN/FoxCollegeSports: "Countdown to Signing day" with Dave Telep and Bobby Cremins.
  • A few recent games on HD channel INHD, featuring Greg Oden, Kevin Love and a few more big time prospects.
  • In the next few weeks keep an eye out for the all-star games: McDonalds, Roundball, HoopSummit and Jordan classic.

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    Wednesday, March 01, 2006

    Duke vs North Carolina - the Recruiting Wars

    This is North Carolina at Duke week after all. So how do they stuck up recruiting wise? And why is Coach K so desperate this year?

    Coach K is willing his team to win every game, and manipulating officials to get him all the 50-50 calls. Why? Because he knows what's coming. He won't be able to stop the Carolina Express. He will be steamrolled. If Roy Williams is able to turn this year's team into a Top 25 team after losing his top seven scorers, imagine what he will be able to do the next three years with one of the best recruiting classes ever. Roy Williams has built an excellent foundation for the next three years with this year's class. These four players (Frasor, Ginyard, Green, Hansbro) will be there for four years and be the foundation that Roy builds upon. And Roy was not joking two years ago when he told Wes Miller he would be an important player. I thought it was coach-speak, but it turns out he wasn't bs-ing! Those four players may not even start next year, but they will be very productive for the next three years, whether Brandan Wright or Stephenson or Ellington or Lawson stay for 1, 2, 3 or 4 years. Brandan Wright has already bought into the role of "Marvin Williams". Roy's personal style and fun and exciting style of play and his non-psychotic approach (compared to Coach K) means he will win most of the recruiting battles against Coach K - especially when it comes to Top 10 talent. Coach K drains the life energy out of his players and turns them into zombies - just look into their eyes! Who would want that? And on top of that, Coach K has three Top 100 recruits warming up the bench even though he desperately needs to reduce the playing time of his primary rotation to keep them fresh for March.

    That's why Coach K is so desperate this year!

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