Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mid-week Update: Good news and bad news

Some good news for some schools as they gain new players, but some bad news for others as they lose players to academics. Come on NCAA, we all know the kids go to college to play basketball, give them a break! CSTV's Hodge Report has the details!

Tommy Amaker John Beilein lost one player who is going to "concentrate on academics". Meanwhile tough Gordon Watt is out of Purdue for the all-inclusive "off the court problems".

And while Beilein's first year at Michigan is not as smooth as he would have liked, his old school is doing just fine with Bob Thuggins-Bear as he beats his former team (if one year counts) and Pitt for the services of a forward.

Meanwhile Dave Leitao beat his former boss and coach and friend and book author Jim Calhoun for the services of a South Kent big man. And he didn't make an ...ass out of himself with assinine behavior ;-)

The Thad Matta Express is in full steam again as he grabs a 2010 guard as it had been speculated. You can't stop the Matta Train! But in a way it is sad being Thad Matta because you know that for the rest of your career you are probably not going to get a better player than Greg Oden. Poor Thad Matta???

On the mid-major front, football powerhouse (!) South Florida, Marist and UMKC add new talent to their future rosters.

CSTV's Hodge Report has the details!

The wait is over and Quintrell Thomas is leaving the Big Apple for one of the biggest college basketball programs. The Zags blog reveals his new destination. Zags blog also talks about Gonzo (Seton Hall's Bobby Gonzalez) remaining in the pool for Tyreke Evans. Can Gonzo really pull it off? Also Kevin Jones visited West HuggingsVille. This and more at the Zags blog.

Dick Hoops Weiss discusses Virginia's big center as well and talks about the Thad Matta express.

Jeff Goodman digs into the Bruce Weber recruiting mystery, even though he lost assistant Tracy Webster to Kentucky, the commitments came flying in from all over the state. He also looks at Leito's recruiting success.

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday Night Recruits

New news from CSTV's Hodge Repor(t). George Mason got a Morrison, but not Ammo. Thad Matta is expected to get a touted 2010 guard on Tuesday. Who?. Other teams adding new players: Rhode Island, Central Florida (UCF), Drexel, Penn, Oral Roberts (with or without a scandal?), Duquesne gets three, and Rutgers gets a local wing.

Meanwhile Gary Williams "rebounds" another Gilchrist, while Thad Matta grabbed a top 20 2010 guard. Meanwhile a former Minnesota player makes a horizontal geographic move to Utah State. For all the details, check CSTV's Hodge Repor(t).

An update on Lance Stephenson at Zag's blog. And an update on Quintrell Thomas.

Goodman's blog takes a look at Ohio State's recruiting success. Not only did Thad Matta get a load of 2008 players, but he is making big moves in 2009 and beyond. Also recruiting updates from Rhode, Maryland and the Bonnies.

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

New updates from CSTV's Hodge Report: The new assistants at Louisville are hard at work as they grab yet another commitment, this time a forward from the IMG Academy. Meanwhile Marquette quickly bounces back from the loss of Iman Shumpert by getting a Texan JuCo who did not qualify at Billy G's Texas A&M. Even without Huggins Kansas State continues to make a killing on the recruiting landscape as they grab a 2009 player from DC. Duquesne, which I can never spell right, tries to bounce back from all their troubles by adding two new players.

A lot of other mid-majors gained new talent including Calhoun's favorite preseason oppoenent Holy Cross, Wagner (two), Marist, The Bonnies, Portland State and lots more. Check the Hodge Report for the details, along with free player profiles and commitment databases.

On the other side of the ledger four D1 players are "downgrading". The list includes players from Colorado, the Bonnies, the Citadel and Texas A&M-CC.

The Wildcats Thunder blog has compiled an elaborate list of potential recruits who visited Kentucky's Midnight Madness. Also from the Wildcats Thunder, an update on Garrett Stutz.

Dick Hoops Weiss takes a look at the recruiting of Thad Matta in the post-Oden era. Has he been able to keep up? Can he find the next Greg Oden?

Brooklyn wing Patrick Jackson has made his choice. Where will he play? The Zags Blog has the answer. More from the very information Zags Blog: Is Ole Roy about to get a power duo from the NY/NJ metro area? This is something we will eventually find out, but I'm sure Tar Heel fans are excited with this possibility. Certainly the 500-calls scandal by Kelvin Sampson may nudge them that way. Also an update on Quintrell Thomas and Dwight Miller.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's almost Friday, do you know where your recruits are?

As always, CSTV's Hodge Repor(t) is loaded with new news. A touted wing, Iman Shumpert has announced and it's not North Carolina! Ouch for Ole Roy? So where did he go?

Orlando Woolridge's son is a top 100 forward and he has committed to Pat Summitt's future husband's basketball program. March to Madness was the e-harmony for this future wedding ;-)

With so many teams from all over the oountry raiding the west coast, both Oregon and Arizona State coaches used their midwestern connections to grab players from the mid-west.

Despite losing Terrance Jennings, and having an embarassing academic situation, Gary Williams picked up another commitment, this one from Australia.

Other teams adding new players: Rice, SFA, UTSA, Winthrop, the Bonnies, Drexel, Ruland-less Iona, and Hartford (with or without Calhoun's permission? :) And a few more!

Meanwhile the "downgrades" continue with players leaving Charlotte and Bobby Lutz's unfortunate moustache, Temple, Manhattan, UTEP, Portland, SDSU, TCU, and more.

Last but not least promising but not delivering MN big man Bryce Webster is now off to a JuCo, and he will be one of the popular Juco players in the 2008-2009 class. He had committed and played for Dan Monson's TimberGophers.

All the details and free player profiles at CSTV's Hodge Report.

Is that enough or do you want more? Here's some more!

  • Dick Hoops Weiss has a couple of recruiting updates as well, involving Rutgers. He also reports on Kelvin Sampson's PhoneGate. I love that name! PhoneGate! Imagine if Sampson hadn't signed Eric Gordon and hadn't brought in Lance Stephenson, Dexter Strictland and the likes for Midnight Madness. Would he still be there?
  • A Sea of Blue takes an in-depth look at the Kelvin Sampson PhoneGate, doing a great job in rounding up reactions from around the net.
  • Zags Blog has an update on Quintrell Thomas (of St Patrick's), and one of his teammates has made his decision. And where does Gary Williams stand in the Quintrell Thomas sweepstakes?
  • The Zags Blog (no relation to Gonzaga) has an update on the Olsen Morris Twins. They are down to two schools. Find out which two!
  • And one more update from the Zags blog, when will Tyreke Evans decide? Tyreke is one of the top players of 2008 and he has the potential of a successful one-and-done and into-the-lottery college career.
  • Recruiting updates involving Ralph Sampson III, Chris Singleton and Van Treese and Garret Stutz at A Sea of Blue!
  • Meanwhile Jeff Goodman over at Fox Sports had a block of recruiting updates included touted Elliott Williams, and many more.

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    Tuesday, October 16, 2007

    All of a sudden you can't stop the Weber Train!

    While Bruce Weber couldn't get Derrick Rose, The Hodge Report of CSTV informs us that he managed to get one of his teammates. Despite the departure of Bob Huggins and the 7-footer transfer, one of his teammates is heading over to Kansas State. Other colleges adding new players: Syracuse, Alford-less Iowa (juco), a former Oklahoma commit going to Arkansas, George Mason, UNC-Greensboro, Miami of Ohio (again), Evansville, and Loyola-Chicago.

    As you may recall from yesterday, the Zags blog had the scoop on Mookie Jones and Syracuse.

    Dick Hoops Weiss has an update on the new Kelvin Sampson 3-way phone call scandal, with three former Indiana-Knight players calling for the ejection of both Kelvin Sampson and AD Rick Greenspan. Ouch! And everybody's favorite CBS Sportsline writer Greg Doyelllll chimes in.

    And one could not help but wonder in this age of cynism, cheating and wonder, how did Bruce Weber become a great recruiter all of a sudden? Did he switch his cell phone provider to that of Kelvin Sampson? :-)

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    Monday, October 15, 2007

    Monday Night Recruits

    Discussion on the latest commitments of Terrance Jennings and Greg Monroe at A Sea of Blue.

    The Card Chronicle blog discusses PitinoVille's signing of Katie Couric Kyle Kuric Kuric is a three point shooter, as the Yugoslavian-sounding last name may suggest :) Pitino is also chasing forward Jared Swopshire. They also discuss the signing of Terrance Jennings.

    Meanwhile from the CSTV Hodge Report we have new players for Arkansas, Oklahoma, Miami of Florida, Miami of Ohio, Duke Slayers VCU, Marquette, Colorado, Pepperdine, and a few more. One of the biggest surprises (not really) is that a 2011 player has committed. As Tom Konchalwski likes to say, at that age they can't even decide what they want for breakfast. But regardless, this player has decided on Texas A&M. And to put it in perspective the class of 2007 are the incoming freshmen of the 2007-2008 college basketball season. The class of 2008 is who will be freshmen of the 2008-2009 college basketball season. So this 2011 commit will play his first college basketball game in 2011-2012.

    Marquette blog Cracked Sidewalks celebrates the signing of 2009 wing Erik Williams. They also discuss Marquette's chances with touted wing Iman Shumpert.

    Part II
    Just added! has posted a 10-minute podcast interview with recruit Chris Singleton in mp3 format! Check it out in the upper right corner of their website under "Kentucky Ink Podcast".

    Zags man of the Zags blog has breaking news that will delight Syracuse fans. Mookie Jones has committed! Get all the juicy details from the Z-blog. Also, an update on Gerald Jones on the IU phone-scandal. He also has an update on IU's Midnight Madness extravaganza. And find out which team Dexter Strickland has added to his list. Who can it be now?

    Also new updates from Dick Hoops Weiss, including Indiana aggressively recruiting the NJ/NY metro, and Greg Monroe's decision.

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    Sunday, October 14, 2007

    Big time news, Greg Monroe, Terrance Jennings pick schools!

    CSTV's Hodge Report is jam-packed with new commitments from over the weekend.

    The big news of course is what made Hoyas Midnight Madness weekend even more exciting when Greg Monroe picked them over others, including Duke. Thank you Greg for not going to Duke! This is a big get for JT III as he gets what could be the #1 player of the 2008 class. There is always a certain prestige that goes with having the top player, especially with the new NBA rules, since you are going to have him for at least one year.

    Pitino managed to scoop up two players this weekend, one former Maryland commit and another one that has a similar name to a popular news "anchor-ess".

    But the ACC did not let the Big East have a block party, as they had a trio of their own. Maryland despite losing TJ, they got a Korean forward from South Kent, while Virginia beat Stanford (again) for a top 100 center from the Gateway to the West (now that was a geographic tug of war!), and BC continued to pick up BC-type players with a new forward.

    The mid-majors had their share as well with ODU, Marshall, IUPUI, and Columbia getting one each. Meanwhile half a dozen players downgraded from D1 to lower divisions, one of which will be playing in the Maui Invitational as a Chaminade plaer.

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    Friday, October 12, 2007

    Bruce Weber scores a hat-trick!

    We already mentioned the two 2009 recruits Bruce Weber picked up, but CSTV's Hodge Repor(t) reports of a 3rd 2009 player added to the Illini future. The third player is a top 75 guard. All three of them are in-state. Take that out-of-state thieves!

    In their never-ending quest for the next Bill Bradley, Princeton picked up a prep, while Iona and Tennessee Tech added a player each. Siena, Texas State and UTSA added one each as well.

    Zag's blog sorts out the rumors on Mookie Jones, and recaps the Johnnies recruiting status.

    Meanwhile Goodman chimes in on the success of Bruce Weber, who is finally able to recover from the loss of the likes of the Helen of Troy of the Big 10 (a Dennis Miller homage/reference to Eric Gordon), and Jon Scheyer. Goodman also reports on the status of touted but troubled Willie Warren at Oak Hill and on the Patterson vs Oak Hill friendly scrimmage.

    And a must read story by Goodman at Fox Sports, as he tells stories of coach in-home visits gone wild. Included are Jimmy V, Rollie Massimino, Bill Self and Billy Giilispie, Mike Brey "The Wire", and lots more! Must read!!!

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    Thursday, October 11, 2007

    Bruce Weber strikes back!

    After years and years of taking a beating on the recruiting trail, unassuming Illini head coach Bruce Weber strikes back by getting two touted recruits from Illinois.

    More updates from CSTV's Hodge Report as Tommy Amaker beats some high profile BCS teams for a center to get him to go to Michigan Harvard. Obviously with just 13 scholarships Calipari can't offer every single basketball player out of Memphis, but that opened the door for former Cali assistant to grab this guard for UTEP. Bucknell adds another player to its roster, putting fear into the hearts of NCAA-bound teams because they may have to face them in the first or second round. And we know what happened the last couple of NCAA tourneys!

    Other mid-majors adding new players according to the Repor(t): Quinnipiac, Lipscomb, Kent State and High Point.

    Meanwhile, Zags's blog gives us an update on Gonzo's recruiting status at Seton Hall. Of the three NY/NJ BCS teams, Seton Hall might be the one with the biggest upside because of Gonzo imho. Gonzo also informs us that an in-state battle may be brewing for Jackson. But there's more! A story on Lance Stephenson and Dexter Strickland including Dexter's top three teams right now. Also some action from the hardwoods where Rice and St Patricks squared off. Who won and who played well?

    Goodman points out that USC's Midnight Madness may have the best players of the classes of 2009 and 2010. Wow, so is OJ Mayo Tim Floyd's ticket to the Hall of Fame assuming Floyd can get Carmello-like seasons out of them instead of DJ Wagner-like seasons?

    Want to build up your NCAA March Madness college hoops DVD collection? If yes, then be sure to check out Amazon. Some of the best games of recent NCAA tournaments, both men's and women's have been added. Here are some examples of what's available: 2006 games, 2005 games, 2004 games, 2003 games, 2002 games, etc. Each DVD costs around $25.

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    Wednesday, October 10, 2007

    Mid-major commit-a-thon

    According to CSTV's Hodge Report a slew of mid-majors have added new players in the last few hours. Go mid-majors, go! Some of the colleges adding four year players: UCSB, UNC-Greensboro, E. Illinois, Toledo, Vitale-less Detroit, Lamar, Denver, and more. Some of the colleges adding JuCos: Boise State, East TN St. Meanwhile the Smiths have transfered to Towson. Did they go there for the music or the basketball? :) For a complete list, player destinations, player profiles and such, check out the Hodge Repor(t). Want to find out more about mid-majors? Check out the Mid-Majority Repor(t).

    As we mentioned before, Taylor Rochestie decided to "give up" his scholarship for 2008-2009 so that Washington State would sign a touted Floridian recruit to Pullman. While I don't know the details of this particular case, it's not uncommon for coaches to force this situation on players. Usually it ends up with a transfer, sometimes at a place where the current coach has connections - if the main reason the player is "kicked out" is simply because he is not good enough skills-wise. Now if a player is "advised" to leave because of non-basketball reasons, that's a different story.

    Zags man's blog has an update on the Jones brothers, and another recruit joining Hoosier Hysteria-Madness Also power forward Dwight Miller is looking at 10 teams at the moment and he has some Hakeem magic to boot.

    Stanford has a loss for the first semester, but it's too late to make it up on the recruiting trail. Brook Lopez has fallen into the pit of academic ineligibility. Ouch!

    But sometimes you can recruit from within, a hidden gem may be underneath you nose! This we saw at A Sea of Blue, from the Indy Star on 5'6" Dusty Mills.

    Inside the Hall makes a case for Eli Holman, on and off the court.

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    Tuesday, October 09, 2007

    Later than Sooner!

    From the desk of CSTV's Hodge Report, a recruit says later than Sooner(s), South Florida and Stan Heath get an in-state center, UTEP gets a center too from under the nose of John Calipari, Auburn gets an ...arch-angel, Hofstra gets Brooklyn, Florida Atlantic gets a duo. Also adding players CalPoly, Southern and Ga So. Check the Hodge Repor(t) for all the details and free player profiles.

    More updates from the Zags Blog, as he estimates that decisions from Tyreke Evans, the Morris twins and a few more are just around the corner. He also has an update on Jordan Theodore, and the big three NY/NJ schools offer a Brooklyn guard.

    This is a good time to plan how to record your 2007-2008 games on TV!

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    Monday, October 08, 2007

    New for Tubby, Kansas and Ar-Kansas!

    The Hodge Report at CSTV reports some new commitments today! Tubby Smith of the TimberGophers beat out mid-western mid-major for a forward, while Bill Self picked up a JuCO! A JuCo? Yes, a JuCo! Meanwhile Arkansas with new head coach picked up a top 100 2008 prepping guard, which is a nice get for them. What's a prepping guard you ask? A guard at a prep school :-)

    And one of the nicest surprises of the 2006-2007 season, Appi State, or Appalachian (Trail) State has picked up its fourth verbal.

    The Hodge Repor(t) also reminds us that the early signing period is November 14 through November 21, 2007 and the late regular signing period is April 16 through May 21, 2008.

    More commentary on the Arkansas commitment from A Sea of Blue. Their story is currently the featured Google Newsreel story on "basketball recruiting". Check the Google Newsreel towards the bottom of the right column!

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    Sunday, October 07, 2007

    Nevada makes waves (global warming or a verbal)?

    Waves in Nevada, no, not side-effects of global warming, but the Nevada Wolfpack Foxes grabbed a top 100 guard from 2008 beating two BCS teams for his academic services. This and more are detailed on CSTV's Hodge Report. There we learn that new players are added to LMU, Colorado gets some veal, not buffalo, Brown and Wyoming get big men. On the other side of the ledger, Vandy loses a player to "personal reasons", while a number of D1 players "downgrade", including players from Missoura, Duquesne, So. Alabama, Wyoming and about a dozen more. By "downgrade" I mean they go to a D2 or D3 school or NAIA. Some went to JuCo instead.

    Dick Hoops Weiss has updates on Lance Stephenson, the fall IS8, and a new site joining the Rivals network.

    The Zags blog has updates on wing Patrick Jackson, and Keith Spellman, and Quintrell Thomas. He also has an update on a duo of assistants chasing Terrance Jennings who recently delisted Maryland. Perhaps he saw this report? But there is a response to that from Maryland.

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    Friday, October 05, 2007

    More commitments are flying in!

    Your best free source in recruiting news (and we like free!) is CSTV's Hodge Report. There we find that the following schools got new verbals: SMU with corrosive personality coach Matt Doherty, Wyoming, Fairfield, New Orleans, and Texas State. And then we have a riddle, did Arizona go to Brown, or Brown to Arizona? Read on the Hodge Report to find out!

    And while the commitments continue to come in, the high stakes battles for the top recruits of 2008, 2009, 2010 and beyond are in full swing right now. Why? Midnight Madness! Everybody wants to invite the touted prospects to come see the excitement and jubilation and super-scintillating sensation (insert random Vitalisms here) of Midnight Madness. It can make a very strong impression on a recruit. For example a trio of NY Metro players are taking a trip to Assembly Hall in Indiana. That bodes very well for the Hoosiers, even if they don't get any of the three, they have won the "Midnight Madness Recruiting" battle. More on those three at Indiana Hoops blog Inside the Hall.

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    Thursday, October 04, 2007

    The Morris Twins saga continues

  • Goodman talks about two Big 12 schools going after talented recruit Willie Warren. He also looks a possible destination for the Morris twins and the Bud Mackey's situation at Indiana. Goodman also points at the recruiting success at Vandy, Keating's recruiting success at UCLA Santa Clara and new gets for Ole Miss and Washington State.
  • The commitments continue to fly in according to CSTV's Hodge Report, with new players for Houston (almost got The Flash), Auburn (two), Southern Alabama, Indiana State, Weinwright's Spiders, Nevada, Air Force and a few more. One good development for Duquesne is that despite all the drama surrounding their program they managed to secure a 2008 guard. Meanwhile a familiar Kentucky name will ...spark the offense at VMI.
  • As expected, everybody wants Lance Stephenson and Dick Hoops Weiss has the scoop on a west coast team interested in his commitment. He also talks about wing Mookie Jones taking visits. He also has the scoop on the final two choices of CTK Ryan Pearson. He also has the two finalists for the Morris twins with Bob Huggins being the 3rd option.
  • The Zags blog has some recruiting updates as well, on Houston getting a Wade, no, not Dwayne.

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    Wednesday, October 03, 2007

    To commit or not to commit (or to be committed)

    In these three categories we can easily fit most of the basketball coaches and players (in fact, most humans). Okay, faux-philosophy aside, we have plenty more new commitments from CSTV's Hodge Report.

    Calhoun's nightmares get a forward from Florida, the Theus-less Aggies get a center, Ole Miss gets a guard, and George Washington gets a NY guard. Meanwhile everyone's favorite non-designer mid-major, Appi State (?, ok Appalachian Trail State), gets a juco forward.

    And now to the reality tv portion of the Hodge Report: A space-eater with pit stops at USC, Nebraska and a Juco has picked a college in the Bayou. Insert Dave Matthews Band song here.

    And now from the update desk of the Zags blog, an update on Mookie Jones, and an update on the Morris twins. It looks like they may turn out like the Stewart twins, not the Collins or Lopez or the UAB Sweet 16 twins. He also has an update on Bill Self's invasion of the NY/NJ area.

    Goodman over at Fox Sports has his share of recruiting updates, including Vandy, Santa Clara, Ole Miss, and Emmy winner Tony Bennett at Wazoo.

    Meanwhile Kelvin Sampson is creating true midnight madness with a trio of 2009 guards visiting for Midnight Madness according to the Inside the Hall blog. There you will also find updates on 2008 recruit Bud Mackey's crack situation, and Vitale commenting on the Helen of Troy of the Big 10 and the Mackey situation.

    I always love it when Vitale takes the holier than though high moral ground. This of course coming from a guy who on a nightly basis is all over cheerleaders, not half but 1/3rd of his age :-)

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    Tuesday, October 02, 2007

    The commitments are flying in!

    CSTV's Hodge Report has new commitments for a number of teams. Gonzaga beats two Big 12 powers for a Texan who will be Mark Few's ...good son ;-) Not to be outdone, Washington State gets another son, Mychal Thompson's son.

    Tarkanian Kruger gets a 2009 californian at UNLV. Patton-less Coloroda, Missoura, UNC Greensbro, Bradley and Wichita State grab a JuCo each. Northern Iowa has a net zero effect as they get one and lose one. Dave Odom gets another commitment, although that doesn't always translate into a player playing. Oregon State couldn't get Derrick Rose, but the got another Rose. Rhode continues to rebuild and recover from the Jim Harrick era by adding another forward. Former UCLA assistant Kerry Keating at Santa Clara gets a Canadian (the next Steve Nash??? well he is not a guard). Also new players added at Ole Miss, Detroit (is Vitale coaching there?). More details at CSTV's Hodge Report.

    Zags man of the Zags blog says that Landerberg's commitment to Virginia was a big blow to the Johnnies. Meanwhile Rutgers is close to a 6'6" wing, while Kevin Stallings celebrates the verbal of yet another versatile forward. The Zags blog has updates on the Morris Twins and Bob Huggins as well. Meanwhile a NYC forward visits Kansas. That and tons more at the Zags Blog. Not to be confused with Gonzaga, the Zags blog is written by Adam Zagoria. His blog is a great recruiting resource!

    Staying in the New York area we have new updates from Dick "Hoops" Weiss talking Lance Goulbourne, Gonzo, Lance Stepheson, and Dexter Strickland.

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    Monday, October 01, 2007

    Catching up with recruiting news

  • Goodman has some recruiting updates including an Indiana recruit getting in serious trouble with the law, and new players for the 40 minutes of fun, and the Vermont Meows. Goodman also boldy makes a prediction on where touted forward Greg Monroe will land.
  • More college gear one-day specials at Amazon. This time NCAA hoodies with arch and mascot from Soffe, $13 each. 29 major BCS colleges are available!
  • More from Goodman as he discusses Virginia and Florida. Billy Donovan has quietly built up a five man class for 2008, perhaps in the mold of his back2back national championship team. As you may recall he got burned badly by first rounders and fellow divas (Matt "Playboy" Walsh and Roberson)
  • Dick Hoops Weiss has lots of recruiting updates including tidbits from the Sylvan Landesburg press conference, St John's targets a few more, Big Ten teams invading the NY/NJ metro area, and Providence getting a promising forward.
  • More news from CSTV's Hodge Report as Bruce Pearl drinks some ...Baileys, a Gonzaga player goes to Harvard, and Winthrop takes a ...gamble. Other teams gaining new players: George MASON, George MASON, Vermont, Bowling Green, Missouri, Tulane, SE La, Centenary and more. Visit their website for the details, along with player profiles and team databases, all for FREE!
  • Recruiting updates with emphasis on Marquette at Cracked Sidewalks.
  • DeCoury looks at St John's failure to succeed in the high stakes NYC recruiting battles.
  • Gary Parrish of CBS Sportsline looks at the final five schools for Greg Monroe.

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