Saturday, January 31, 2009

T-Mobile Showcase 2009 highlights on CSTV (CBS College Sports)

If you missed the 2009 version of the T-Mobile Showcase (Invitational) that aired on CBS College Sports (CSTV) during the holiday season, fear not!

CBS-CS has created a one-hour highlights special and it is showing it multiple times on CSTV. Check or your local tv listings for the exact dates and times. Or if you have a localized edition of CSTV, eg "the Mtn".

There were four men teams and four women teams, including Lawrence North (without Greg Oden!), South Atlanta, Duncanville and Garfield featuring some of the top recruits of 2009 and beyond. This please note was a high-school tournament, not an "all-star" type of game, so you don't get all the recruits in one place.

But a number of people think the high-school games can be more informative since you can see the recruits in a regular team environment where wins and losses actually matter and count.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Teamate star-wings end up being over-rated?m

We have seen this theme in the last few years. Look at Henderson and Ellington. They are nowhere near as good as their hype coming out of high-school.

And ask the Oregon and Kentucky fans about Hairston and Crawford, not exactly the players that were supposed to be when they were playing together in HS.

We are only talking about two wings on the same team, not any two teammates; for example, Oden and Conley continued to be awesome and awesome-r later on in college!

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