Friday, November 09, 2007

Tyreke Evans reveals his Final Five and other stories

Dick Hoops Weiss has the final five for Tyreke Evans, and despite his valient efforts Gonzo (Bobby Gonzalez of Seton Hall) is not in the final five. So who are the final five? Read Dick Hoops Weiss's post for the reveal. I don't want to spoil the "surprise" :) A great post by Weiss's colleague Ebenezer Samuel.

More from Weiss, on Indiana Jones, yes the name sound so cool, it has to happen, if nothing else so we can play with words. "Indiana Jones" is of course hot prospect Kevin Jones looking at the University of Indiana as potential destination. But calling this "Indiana Jones" is just more fun :)

And more from Weiss, as he discusses the commitment of Tyler Zeller to Ole Roy.

Meanwhile our other favorite NY/NJ recruiting writer Zagoria of the Zags blog reveals that Kevin Jones will reveal on Wednesday, perhaps going for a dramatic announcement on CSTV's Signing Day special? (this part is pure speculation on our part). If he doesn't commit to Indiana, we have just five days to milk the "Indiana Jones" name!

Zags blog also reveals that Duke is set to offer a big man from Jersey. Who? Read on to find out!

Zags blog also talks about the Four Punks. How is that related to basketball? Read on his story to find out!

College Hoops Heaven has an update on seven footer Charles Okwandu. Okwandu is already 19, and he is recruited by BCS teams. To find out who is chasing after him, and more details about this potentially upsideous recruit, check the CHH. ("upsideous" is a word I made up just for the purposes of this post to mean that "he has upside").

Meanwhile Jeff Goodman talks about Wichita State grabbing a big forward by beating some bigger names. And this may come as a surprise but we have a transfer already! Who did Jim Calhoun drive crazy this time? Goodman has the answer.

And one more, did you know that every single 2007 NCAA college basketball tournament game is available on DVD?

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Anonymous said...

Tyreke, you do not seem like a team player. We do not need you at Memphis. Go somewhere where they put up with that prima donna crap. You and your brothers would be more happy somewhere else. We will just keep on winning because that is what we do. Good luck kid.

Anonymous said...

you lack discipline!!!

ncaahoops said...

That sounded a bit too general? :)

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