Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Top basketball player of the 2008 class is not clear

As you can see from our unscientific poll in the right hand column, the vote for the top player of the 2008 class is not clear at all. Of the six candidates we included in the poll, Brandon Jennings has a slight lead, but look at how close they are. The 6th player has about half of the votes of the 1st player. Brandon Jennings is leading with just 24% of the vote.

Tyreke Evans and Samardo Samuels are currently tied at the #2 spot, while Greg Monroe is one vote ahead of Samardo Samuels who is one vote ahead of the 6th player, John Riek!

This of course is consistent with what we see out there in the rankings among the various recruiting services and websites and what recruiting experts are saying. There is no clearcut top tier player (or players) in this class. No Greg Oden, or Kevin Durant. But it's only mid-December. There's still time for the players to "shape/reshape" our opinions of them.

Then again, the way recruiting works these days, the spotlight starts to shine on the class of 2009 and beyond, since the 2008 class has been dissected and analyzed and a large number of the players have committed already.

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