Saturday, February 09, 2008

Catching up with some of the latest commitments

Let's take a look at the latest commitments at CSTV's Hodge Report. There we learn that Mr Jersey had picked up NY/NJ area forward, and so did Brey at Ntore Dame, and NC State got a guard, all from the class of 2009.

Meanwhile at least a dozen mid-major conference teams have added new players for 2008 and 2009, quite a few of them of the juco/transfer variety. The coaching carousel is also having its impact, as players are getting out of their commitments as coaches either eject or get ejected.

Look for more of that perhaps with LSU. Although right now Butch Pierre, the top assistant, has taken over, if the 2008-2009 head coach is someone who was not involved with the recruitment of those players, don't be surprised if they look elsewhere. I would!

For all the updates, details, and free player profiles and databases, be sure to visit the excellent CSTV recruiting page.

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