Tuesday, February 19, 2008

American Christian vs St Anthony's on ESPN, Thursday February 21, 2008

ESPN and ESPN-HD have another high profile high-school basketball game to showcase on Thursday February 21, 2008, at 6pm pacific (9pm eastern). Tip-off may be delayed a bit, as there is a college basketball game right before the high school game.

The teams you ask? American Christian vs Saint Anthony of New Jersey! So who is the star of the game? Tyreke Evans, an uncommitted power-wing! Who is the underrated unassuming star of the game? Mike Rosario of Saint Anthony's! Other D1 players participating in this game, Tayshawn Taylor (Marquette Golden Warrior Eagles), Jeremiah Kelly (DePaul), Jio Fontan (Fordham), and uncommitted wing Dominic Cheek.

More details on this game at RUWT?.

Meanwhile if you want to watch highlights of the American Christian vs Saint Patricks (different Saint, same state), head on to YouTube (video).

And speaking of TV games, Fox College Sports will be showing a rerun of the Cottonwood at Highland game, on Wednesday 8am pacific (11am eastern).

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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Catching up with some of the latest commitments

Let's take a look at the latest commitments at CSTV's Hodge Report. There we learn that Mr Jersey had picked up NY/NJ area forward, and so did Brey at Ntore Dame, and NC State got a guard, all from the class of 2009.

Meanwhile at least a dozen mid-major conference teams have added new players for 2008 and 2009, quite a few of them of the juco/transfer variety. The coaching carousel is also having its impact, as players are getting out of their commitments as coaches either eject or get ejected.

Look for more of that perhaps with LSU. Although right now Butch Pierre, the top assistant, has taken over, if the 2008-2009 head coach is someone who was not involved with the recruitment of those players, don't be surprised if they look elsewhere. I would!

For all the updates, details, and free player profiles and databases, be sure to visit the excellent CSTV recruiting page.

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Catching up with some of the high profile recruiting news

We've slightly fallen behind the latest recruiting news, so we'll make an attempt to catch up and summarize! We can only hope :)

A great resource for all recruiting updates, without a membership fee, is the Hodge Report at the CSTV website! Be sure to bookmark and visit!

High profile commits
I got the rings baby! And I got them just yesterday! Take that smugface ratface Roach K! Okay, Billy D wouldn't say that, but I would! Florida beat Duke for the services of Erik Murphy. Great decision Erik. Anything but Duke is always a great decision in my book :)

Roy Williams may have prayed to Saint Patrick because he got Saint Patrick's super guard Dexter Strickland. And he's probably going to need him, especially if they have a Final Four appearance.

More over Lopez twins, here come the Wear and Tear twins! Except they don't go to Stanford, but they go to North Carolina. A two for one special for Ole Roy!

No bollocks here, Ole Roy continued to load up as he picks up a local 2010 wing and a top 30 2009 player. We assume no relation to the Muppet Show creator :)

Meanwhile Ben Howlin' Defense Wolf Howland picked up a top 20 player from the class of 2009 from the city of Modesto, beating a number of other top tier programs for his services.

Transfers and Change of Heart
Ma'ca's (Marcus in Calhoun-speak) has left the Hall of Fame Tyrant for a return to SoCal, and the Tim Floyd Trojans. He should be able to play next december or so, and would be a boost to USC given the expect "transations" after the end of this season.

The waves of de-commits are flying in in waves for the Pepperdine Waves after the departure of their AASAA head coach, Vance Walbert. AASAA being his Attack, Attack, Skip [Pass], Attack, Attack offense.

Calhoun leaves the Big East and goes to Houston! But fear not, we are not talkign about UConn head coach Jim Calhoun, but St John's forward Q. Calhoun. Gotcha! :)

Meanwhile The Gary did not have to go through a ...maze to get this transfer!

The remaining big men of 2008
CSTV has assembled a list of the top big men that had not committed as of the time of writing of that post. Here is the list! The biggest name of course being John Riek, who may never commit anyways. The list was assembled in mid-December 2007.

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