Saturday, February 21, 2009

Classic High School games on ESPN Classic

There are two classic high-school basketball games scheduled to be shown on ESPN Classic in the next few days, so set up your VCRs and VCRs!

First up, tomorrow, Sunday February 22nd, at 11am eastern, you can watch a one-and-a-half hour edit of the classic 1954 game of Milan vs Muncie, a true Hoosiers story. That's right, the game is from 1954. Don't expect the footage to shine on your 50" HDTV, but you are watching living history!

Next up, a much more modern game, from 2002, LeBron James goes up against the Oak Hill Academy. This game will be shown on ESPN Classic at 1:30pm eastern time on March 6.

ESPN Classic has a live feed like ESPN and ESPN2, so there is no east/west-coast time like cable channels that offer "canned" shows.

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