Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Vitale makes outrageous comments about restricting recruits while coaches fly away to millions

Dick Vitale is loud and obnoxious, but this time he was serious when he claimed that players should not be allowed to "follow" a coach if there is a coaching change before they arrive on campus.

This is BULLCRAP! The coaches are leaving the universities just like that because someone offers 2 million instead of 1 million, yet the players, according to Vitale, should not be free to follow the coach.

Well, here is a newsflash. When it comes to committing to colleges, with collegiate sports, it is more like graduate school. In Graduate School, students want to do research under a certain professor, that's why they pick a certain graduate school. Similarly, a basketball student-athlete is like a graduate student in terms of basketball, they are "learning" and doing "R&D" under the coach.

If the coach leaves, their "R&D" is not what they signed up for. They signed up to do "R&D" with the said coach. If anyone is to be held accountable, it is the coach for leaving.

Of course no one is going to do that, because coaches (and colleges) make the rules and everyone gives coaches the golden glove treatment.

So who is left to screw? Why, who else, the student-athletes!

Dick Vitale, you are an IDIOT!

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Anonymous said...

Students commit to the SCHOOL - not the coach. Vitale is correct.

ncaahoops said...

Students commit to the school because that's what the people in power (NCAA, schools) FORCE them to do.

The players are clearly committing to the coach, because that's the one who is going to be directing their basketball education.

Student-athletes are like graduate students doing a PhD. The PhD is with the professor-advisor, not with the whole university :)

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