Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tyreke Evans commits to the Memphis Tigers

The most highly sought after available super-wing of the 2008 class has finally committed. And the winner is the almost-champion John Calipari and the Memphis Rose-Tigers...

He made the announcement around 330pm eastern on live TV, about half an hour after the 3pm time that was publicized earlier. He revealed his decision to ESPNU's studio host (and boy-band member look-a-like?) Lowell Galindo.

Villanova was a close second. He chose Memphis because of the Memphis offense. The AASAA offense is paying dividends. Calipari is the quintessential used "offense" salesman :)

Meanwhile Jay Wright is an idiot. He was on hold with ESPNews to be interviewed immediately after Tyreke Evans made his announcement, even though he is not allowed to comment on recruiting. So what was the point of Jay Wright getting interviewed if he couldn't talk about the topic he was going to be interviewed about? For that, Jay Wright is the idiot of the week.

The press conference is currently was airing on ESPN-News, ESPNewsHD, and ESPNU among others right now!

We told you yesterday of this plan. And props to Evans for doing this the day after Tax Day! Tyreke had cut down his list to five schools in November 2007, but decided to take his time and see how things played out throughout the college basketball season before making his decision.

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