Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tyreke Evans commits to the Memphis Tigers

The most highly sought after available super-wing of the 2008 class has finally committed. And the winner is the almost-champion John Calipari and the Memphis Rose-Tigers...

He made the announcement around 330pm eastern on live TV, about half an hour after the 3pm time that was publicized earlier. He revealed his decision to ESPNU's studio host (and boy-band member look-a-like?) Lowell Galindo.

Villanova was a close second. He chose Memphis because of the Memphis offense. The AASAA offense is paying dividends. Calipari is the quintessential used "offense" salesman :)

Meanwhile Jay Wright is an idiot. He was on hold with ESPNews to be interviewed immediately after Tyreke Evans made his announcement, even though he is not allowed to comment on recruiting. So what was the point of Jay Wright getting interviewed if he couldn't talk about the topic he was going to be interviewed about? For that, Jay Wright is the idiot of the week.

The press conference is currently was airing on ESPN-News, ESPNewsHD, and ESPNU among others right now!

We told you yesterday of this plan. And props to Evans for doing this the day after Tax Day! Tyreke had cut down his list to five schools in November 2007, but decided to take his time and see how things played out throughout the college basketball season before making his decision.

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CSTV posts their Top 30 classes of 2008!

Van Coleman of CSTV and HoopMasters leads the way as CSTV publishes their latest top 30 recruiting classes of 2008. Oh my!

We won't reveal which school has the #1 class, but here's a hint: They were #1 on April 7, 2008 :) Two is the magic number as this team adds a pair of twins, and two JuCos!

Pitino and Donovan have similar classes, they both bring in a brand new line-up! Also making impact in the Top 10 is Tubby Smith, which will no doubt draw the ire of Kentucky fans. Where were the top 10 classes when he was at Kentucky?

The first non-BCS school in the top 30 is Steve Alford's New Mexico, with five new players. The only other non-BCS team in the top 30 is Nevada.

Also of interest, towards the bottom of the article there is a list of the top unsigned players of the class of 2008.

And in just 30 minutes we will found out where the top unsigned players will be going. Internet rumors say Memphis, but we should really wait to really find out straight from the source!

Of course the coaching carousel is not done yet, so if there are indeed any major coaching changes, recruits could potentially be let out of their letters of intent and look for new destinations. One such move happened today when Doug Gottleib revealed on ESPNews that Travis Ford is leaving UMass for Oklahoma State.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tyreke Evans to announce on Wednesday April 16, at 3pm eastern!

Tyreke Evans, the most highly sought after player from the list of available recruits from the 2008 class is set to announce on Wednesday April 16, at 3pm eastern, live on ESPN News and ESPNU! Mark your calendars, set your VCRs, Wednesday at 3pm eastern.

And how nice of Tyreke to schedule the press conference after tax day, that way people won't get distracted from the mad rush to finish their taxes :)

The internets are having rumors that he will sign with the Memphis Tigers over the home-town team of the Villanova Wildcats. So Calipari goes from one NBA-ready player (Derrick Rose) to another (Tyreke Evans). Thank you David Stern for the one-year limit! Sincerely, John Calipari!

The last time we had a Tyreke Evans update was when he revealed his final five, not to be confused with the Final Five Cylons of Battlestar Galactica.

More on Tyreke by Dana O'Neil of ESPN Recruiting. And speaking of Calipari, this ESPN story says that he has almost finalized a contract extension at Memphis. Unless of course he decides to pull a Billy Donovan and be the Diva of the Summer of 2008. We know that Calipari loves LOVES the spotlight!

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Monday, April 14, 2008

The 2008 Jordan Classic Roster has been announced!

The rosters for the 2008 Jordan Classic were announced yesterday! Who were the lucky hoopsters to be selected to play at this prestigious game with the blessings of Mr #23 himself? And when will this game be played?

The game will be played at MSG, on Saturday April 19, 2008, at 9pm eastern (6pm pacific) and will air live on ESPN2 and ESPN2-HD! In previous years, ESPN2 showed the game a few days later in tape-delayed and edited format. So this is a welcome move by ESPN2.

Some of the stars that will shine at the Jordan Classic: Tyreke Evans, Samardo Samuels, JRue Holiday, Ed Davis, Greg Monroe, Brandon Jennings (is he this year's OJ Mayo?), Drew Gordon, Delvon Roe, Al Faroud Aminu, JaMychal Green.

But that's not all, Malcolm Lee, Iman Shumpert, Willie Warren, Kemba Walker, Demar DeRozan, BJ Mullens, Scotty Hopson, William Buford, and Michael Dunigan will be participating.

And a third game will be added, a battle between some of the top international players in the age-group.

More details at

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Live on TV!
Remember, the game will air live on ESPN2 and ESPN2-HD on Saturday, April 19, 2008, at 9pm eastern (6pm pacific) at the storied MSG in NYC! In past years, the game aired tape-delayed and edited on ESPN2, after it aired live on ESPNU or nowhere. This year it got the "ESPN2 upgrade", perhaps to coincide with the end (or freeze) of the RoundBall Classic.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

The 2008 Nike Hoop Summit tips off in Oregon on April 12, 2008

The most competitive of the all-star games, the Nike Hoops Summit, will take place in Portland, Oregon, on Saturday April 12, 2008! Technically it doesn't count as an all-star game, because it falls under the umbrella of FIBA and USA Basketball, but it is an all-star game :)

Information directly from the source, at the Nike Hoops Summit website, along with the official USA Basketball mini-site for the game. This is a USA Basketball event, which is why the high school players are allowed to play in this game, along with two other all-star games. The NCAA allows players to only play in two all-star games if they want to retain their NCAA eligibility. But since the Summit is a USA Basketball event, it does not count against the two game limit.

Scout's Tracy Pierson notes that the roster is dominated by four UCLA Bruins. Considering the game will be played in Portland, Oregon this year, the west coast bias is justified :) As you may recall, the previous Nike Hoop Summit games were played at the Fed-Ex Forum, in CalipariVille, Memphis, Tennessee :)

The rosters you ask? Here are the rosters. And if you want to check out the players games the PrimeTimePdx site has assembled videos for each one of the players.

As we mentioned above this team will have a distinct UCLA flavor, considering this is a 10-man roster. Yes, 40% of the team is UCLA Bruins. Why didn't they get Ben Howland to coach them? :) The roster selection is also quite interesting in that some players picked here are not picked by the McDonalds All American game, which features a roster of 24, and it is usually a superset of the Nike roster.

The international roster of the world team has not yet been announced (or we haven't found it). Typically the international roster has players that find their way in the NBA Draft eventually, and also a couple of players that will play college ball in the USA and are currently playing high-school hoops in the USA.

Tip-off is at 1pm pacific on April 12, 2008 and the game will be carried live on FSN and Fox College Sports. If you miss it, it will probably repeat about half a dozen times on Fox College Sports and select regional FSNs.

More on this game at Oregon Sports. A history of the Nike Hoops Summit event can be found at

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