Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Signing Day is today - check ESPNU for specials

Today is the beginning of the spring signing period, so there may be some hoopla and excitement, so players wanting to make a splash. Make a splash because there will be some specials on ESPNU. Unfortunately not many people have access to ESPNU, and as of a few minutes ago, we didn't notice any of the major ESPN channels (ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN-News, ESPN-Classic) having any recruiting or signing-day programming in their schedule.

But if you don't have ESPNU, you may want to monitor or record ESPN-News, if they are any big news, they will likely feature them there. Hopefully.

We just checked the schedule but unfortunately there is no plan to show any of the ESPNU signing day coverage. They do have repeats of the Rise National Invitational and the McDonalds All-star Game and Jamfest that you can watch if you missed them or want to (re)scout some of the players. Especially the "new free agents".

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