Monday, April 13, 2009

Tax Day means Signing Day

It's always a dramatic April 15, because it's not only the deadline for filing taxes, but it's also a new signing period for college hoops that usually lasts for a whole month.

And with the wild coaching carousel of the last couple of weeks, things have been re-arranged in the world of recruiting, not just for the 2010+ and beyond classes, but also for the 2009-2010 recruits, commits and non-commits alike. Not to mention potential transfers and jucos.

We believe ESPNU will have something, but ESPNU is not exactly easy to get on your cable box because of a childish dispute between ESPN and some cable companies like Comcast. The more silly things like that, the closer traditional cable TV gets to its end as more and more people will shift towards the internet with true pay-as-you-go plans. But that's a different story for a different blog :)

As far as know there's nothing planned for CSTV (CBS College Sports), which seems to have significantly cut its budget on studio-based productions. Their signature "One College Sports Show" has been gone for quite a while now.

But if we do notice any specials, we will certainly post a new blog update!

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