Sunday, February 11, 2007

TV Review: Generation Next, episode 2

  • Another interesting episode of Generation Next on CSTV, featuring Seth Davis and recruiting experts Vance Coleman and Tom Konchalwski (sp?).
  • New (to me) term: Swing players with respect to post-season all-star games. They are the high profile players that get invited to participate in multiple post-season all-star games, but they are only allowed to participate in two if they want to maintain their NCAA eligibility, so they end up pulling out of one of them.
  • Paris Horne was called "a poor man's Kobe Bryant". That sounds good for St Johns fans!
  • The roster for the 2007 Jordan Classic was unveiled. One topic of discussion/controversy/debate was the inclusion of Jordan's son, even though he is ranked by the experts at the mid-major level. But it's (Michael) Jordan's all-star game, and the game is played in Chicago, so it makes sense to include some local kids (his sons play at Loyola something in the Chicago area). My take on this: If Bruce Weber is smart he should offer him a scholarship, even if he does not think he is a Big 10 player right now. Weber badly needs a recruiting edge/boost and getting "blessed" by #23 is just what the doctor ordered. Anyway, back to the TV review...
  • An update on the OJ Mayo situation, with the referee possibly flopping in order to get OJ Mayo in trouble. The video of this incident is available at YouTube.

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