Friday, February 16, 2007

TV Review: Generation Next, Episode 3

I am putting on my reviewer hat again to review episode 3 of CSTV's Generation Next with Seth Davis, Vance Coleman and Tom Konchalski (one of these days I'll learn how to properly spell his name).

  • Thumbs up for starting each episode with an update on the latest commitments and for including mid-majors commitments in their coverage.
  • New player alert: 7-2 sophomore center John Riek Suas
  • Top 10 juniors discussed (class of 2008)
  • Paraphrased Quote of the night: From Vance Coleman, Tyreke Evans made Nolan Smith lose his shoes.
  • Seth Davis interviewed Jai Lucas and his dad John Lucas, father of the Oklahoma State John Lucas of the 2004 Final Four run. According to dad Lucas Jai is more of a pure point guard and his ideal situation would be a team where he is option #3 or #4 on the offense. Dad said he plays better when surrounded by good players, despite his averaging 20+ in HS. The four teams that lead the way are: Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State. Some other teams (duke, iowa, arkansas, florida, nc state) are also showing interest but the first four have the edge. My opinion: Whatever you Lucas family, don't go to Duke! Bad career move!
  • The episode ended with highlights of the Primetime Shootout in Philly highlighting Pitt's next space-eater inside, DeJuan Blair, a recruit from western PA.
  • This episode airs twice today (Friday), 1030pm and 230am pacific time on CSTV. It may also be available online at New episodes of Generation Next air on Thursdays.

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