Monday, February 05, 2007

TV Review: Seth Davis Generation Next

Okay now I am putting my TV reviewer hat and I will be reviewing the debut episode of the 2007 season of Seth Davis Generation Next of CSTV. New episodes air every Thursday, with a few repeats depending on the CSTV schedule of that week. It may be available on CSTV Broadband/XXL. Check their website for details.

The show is in a 30-minute time slot, although the actual content runs a bit longer than typical 30-minute shows. It is closer to 25 minutes than 22. So basketball fans we can thank CSTV for the extra minutes!

  • Seth Davis was the host. Seth Davis is quickly becoming a rising star among basketball analysts as he gets deeper and deeper into the game (summer camps, recruiting, CSTV's Crystal Ball, docs). On a related note, don't miss his candid interview with Rick Pitino on CSTV's "One to One" documentary series.
  • The recruiting experts guests of the show were Tom Konchalwski (spelling?) and Van Coleman. They went through some of the recent commitments (include Pitt's two Top 100 2008 players), and also said that Duke has a slight edge on Patrick Patterson and Duke is also looking into Jai Lucas (brother of the Oklahoma State Lucas and son of the NBA Lucas), and those two are actually close friends. Apparently Coach K is now specializing in NBA player's sons (Gerald Henderson this year).
  • Also featured was The Godfather, Sonny Vaccaro talking about his decision to pull the plug on his famous "ABCD camp" (covered on CSTV), and him going solo (mutually agreeing to part ways with the shoe companies). He wants his voice heard on summer hoops (presumably NCAA, NBA, AAU, USA Basketball), and he thinks that he has a better chance of getting his message across by going "solo" instead being contractually affiliated with shoe companies and camps.
  • Last but not least: Don't get between a camera and John Calipari! This time he found his way in front of the camera talking about 2007 super prep Derrick Rose, who is committed to the AASAA Tigers of Calipari. The NBA rules prohibit Rose from playing in the NBA in 2007, but they can't stop him from playing in an NBA arena next year: Memphis plays at the FedEx Forum, shared with their NBA team, the team formerly known as the Vancouver Grizzlies.

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